Information for Schools

In England, fewer than 22% of students taking GCSE Computer Science are girls and this drops to 16% at A-level. Now, thanks to an important new research project launched by King's College London, and funded by the Nuffield Foundation, schools across England have a unique opportunity to address this issue.

We are inviting secondary schools to participate in this exciting new study which forms part of our research into computing and diversity.

Benefits of participation:

  • Participating schools will have the opportunity to form part of a network of schools across England sharing best practice in the inclusive teaching of computing.

  • Staff at participating schools will have free and optional access to development and training on various topics including, science capital, digital art pedagogy for the computing curriculum, and best practice in digital diversity.

  • Participating schools is contributing to groundbreaking research which will help inform our understanding of how subject choices can be made more fair for young people.

  • A bespoke summary report on findings from your school.

  • Support to conduct research to fit in with school working patterns and to cover costs.

What we are asking schools to do:

  • A short, 20 minute online student survey for in Years 8, 10 and 11.

  • An online interview with two members of staff: one computing teacher and one member of the senior leadership team who can offer insights into school strategies or priorities. Each interview should last under 60 minutes.

  • Access to school brochures and any other relevant documents, such as wall displays, that are used to support student participation, engagement and attainment in computing.